Options! A program of Employment, Empowerment and Economic Independence

Options! goal is to assist Displaced Homemakers, Single Parents, and Single Pregnant Teens in transitioning to an Economically Independent and Empowered Life through education and training leading to self-sufficiency.

Our Programs

Options! for the Displaced Homemaker

Options! for the displaced homemaker serveds men and women who are 35 years of age or older, unemployed or underemployed and:

  1. have cared for family members, and
  2. receive government assistance for either living or educational expenses (ex: Pell Grant, Food Stamps, Medicare/Medicaid, Public Housing, etc...) OR who have lost income due to a divorce, death, disability or work loss of a spouse or family member within the last seven years, and
  3. have a goal of EMPLOYMENT!

Options! for the Single Parent

Options! for the single parent serves men and women who are custodial parents and:

  1. are unemployed or underemployed, and
  2. are receiving assistance from a State or Federal Program (ex: Unemployment Compensation, Food Stamps, Medicare/Medicaid, Subsidized housing, WIC or Kid Care, SSI/SSD, Pell Grant, etc...), and
  3. have been a Florida resident for at least one year, and
  4. have a goal of EMPLOYMENT!